EDENDERRY VISION 2030: Town Centre Masterplan 

Edenderry is the second largest town in County Offaly, is a stones throw from Dublin, with a population of over 7,360, Edenderry is also a significant service and industrial centre and its potential for accessing the Midlands through the potential development of the MIDLAND ECONOMIC CORRIDOR with Edenderry as the primary gateway.

The current statutory Local Area Plan for Edenderry was  adopted by the Municipal District of Edenderry in 2018. It is envisaged that the recommendations of the Edenderry Integrated Action Plan (EIAP) 2030 strategy will be taken into account in the next review of the statutory Development Plan for the Edenderry Area/ North East Offaly and for the environs which are located in the County Area. The nature and extent of the detailed proposals to form part of the Edenderry VISION 2030 Study may be considered to be too detailed for formal adoption as a Development Plan. VISION 2030 will take account of all aspects of the LAP: 2019-2023 and shall not conflict in anyway. The Chamber will collaborate with the County Council in the formulation of the EIAP.

The VISION: 2030 will be based on detailed analysis of the physical integration of a number of diverse factors into one coherent framework. The principal factors identified  include:

  • Transport, Movement & Access Plan 
  • Maximising Connectivity
  • Improving the Physical Attractiveness of the Town 
  • Consolidation and preservation of historic areas including Blundell Castle 
  • Development of the Grand Canal Harbour and Canal 'Tracks and Trails'  
  • Enhancing the built environment 
  • Maximising Connectivity 
  • Development of certain amenities to enhance the Town
  • Control of peripheral development

The proposed EIAP is for the consolidation and protection of the historic and natural resource basof Edenderry and it's environs, and for the rational expansion and mitigation of future development.

In a tourism context, Edenderry has a natural resource that must be fully realised - the Grand Canal Harbour and Edenderry-Line. The potential for tourism development in Edenderry is key to the future of the Town.

This is a long-term project and shall include concept and landscape drawings and artist impressions, and models of the town in the future (with the approval and assistance of the local authority of course) it will begin as a research-based project and will extend into a fully completed plan by 2020. 


Invitations are open to all stakeholders to make submissions shall be a priority of the Chamber. Using Social Media and the local papers to ensure we have a larger reach into the community. A range of categories shall be prepared and issued for each sector, thus creating a FORUM for which business people and the community can have their opinions and ideas noted and heard.

The first Big-Think was held in Edenderry Town Hall in October 2018, an Action Group was established by the chamber which have identified key priorities that act as barriers to business.


It is widely considered in Edenderry that traffic congestion is approaching an intolerable level. The first priority in this regard is to make submissions regarding the Edenderry Relief Road

The second priority is to seek to create further car parking spaces both in the Urban Core and in peripheral areas while simultaneously introducing traffic management and intersection improvements. The overall policy towards traffic and parking must be to avoid causing serious damage to the environmental quality of the Town Centre as result of seeking to provide facilities for the ever-increasing traffic and parking demand. This approach may result in the eventual need to inhibit, constrain or discourage traffic and parking.


Following on from the recent launch of the National Development Framework – Ireland 2040, Edenderry and the Midlands were overlooked. The Chamber shall endeavour to prepare submissions regarding its positioning in the National Economic Policies at National Level and the Chamber shall promote the Town and Area as being at the beginning of the MIDLAND ECONOMIC CORRIDOR (MEC), we shall ensure that investors and developers know that we are open for business, and in a time when harnessing efficiencies and innovation in new and existing enterprises is of paramount importance, heading out of the capital and seeking new opportunities in nearby connective-hubs can provide the solution. Edenderry is ideally located, being only 55 minutes from the capital, the Chamber shall take advantage of the sprawling economic capital, and position our location as being the ‘Best Greenbelt Location of the Future’ with ‘Excellent Quality of Urban-Rural Living’.


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